Themed parties are my absolute favorite kind of parties to attend. When else (besides Halloween) would one get the opportunity to dress up as a someone from the Victorian era, a pirate, or in this case, a 70’s disco queen?

The invitation for this party said “70’s attire optional”, but I didn’t really see an option there. It was a very last minute decision to attend, so everything I have on was from my own closet, but I think I made it work. What do you think?
The 70’s is on my top 3 decades in terms of fashion. Although there was a lot happening socially and politically, it was truly the decade where black women stopped trying to conform and started to become liberated. Disco and funk music reigned supreme, glitz and glitter were everywhere, and big, beautiful BLACK GIRL MAGIC afros were on full display. I call it the “extra” decade because there was honestly no better decade to dress up as extra as your heart desired.
This black dress was probably the one clothing option in my closet that could truly pass for a 70’s dress and yet be appropriate enough for an award dinner.

Nothing in my closet screamed 70’s more than these leopard print platform wedges that I’d owned for years. Below are similar ones, since these particular ones are no longer available.

My gold Henri Bendel mini hatbox was the perfect bag to add some glitz to the outfit.

Since it’s still pretty chilly out here in NY, I decided to add this pink faux fur jacket to this look, and it was the perfect finishing touch to this 70’s inspired look.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I received a lot of looks and people trying to take my picture on the subway on my way to the event, but I think it was because of how ‘extra’ I looked. It’s all good though, I’m just really happy I got to dress up as a 70’s disco queen for the night.
What do you guys think of the overall look?